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Our Story

After both successes and failures in getting industry & public grants along with private funding it became clear that there’s a disconnect between the high-level granular matching of needs and wants, for both funders and founders.

The high level of noise, competition, and lack of exposure, limits the interactions. brings together the funding side of the industry with founders in a seamless way that makes for higher efficiency and less time spent, for all parties with high fidelity.

We are driven by values

As both serial entrepreneurs and investors, our experiences have clearly taught us what makes for success.

All interactions need includes the three P’:

Good for all the people involved

Good for the planet

Good for profits

Super Efficient

Our criteria for is to make the utilization and output of our program absolutely effective and efficient for all stakeholders.

Deeply Committed

This multi-year development is part of our commitment as we know that the impact of our products will be worldwide and make for significant positive changes for all involved.

Highly Skilled

Our team has the skillset, experience, and mental approach to solving big problems, with elegant solutions. Our team members have all been entrepreneurs and investors.


Alan Kadish

Serial Entrepreneur

35 years, with exits

35 yrs Investing


Jason Hart

Serial Entrepreneur

20 years, with exits

15 Years Investing


Jebin Benjamin Vimala

Startup Tech Specialist

13 years startup experience

8 Years Investing