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Connecting Funders and Founders

Seamlessly connecting Funders with Founders using AI.

Increasing efficiency and minimizing time.

Free to Founders is focused on bringing the best opportunities to funders and founders. Our intake process gives all parties an easy onboarding experience.


Our proprietary algorithms selectively match your fund with the right founders, reducing your time trying to find the best opportunities and maximizing your efficiency.

Dynamic sources the web full time adding to our database of available founders and funders. Our funders are sourced from private, public, and commercial sectors


How much time are you wasting finding the ideal founder to fund ?

As a funder, you know your criteria. From the industry specifics to the revenue potentials and more. Let’s connect the dots and only present you with your highest potential and not miss the ideal opportunities.

Finding Funding ?

Most CEO’s of startups are spending 60% or more time seeking funding, not running their firm. Why not reduce this friction by being introduced to the right people and firms from the start ?

At that’s what we do !

We are driven by values

As founders and Investors, we want you to connect to more than just funds.

Smart money and great scaling come from making ideal connections,…..that’s’s mission.

Let’s work together and find your next opportunity

If you’re a Funder or Founder….. let assist you in making the best introductions to those who understand and can bring both parties the value needed to succeed.