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Seamlessly connecting

Funders and Founders using

AI technology.

Why choose us ?

Free to Founders

Our platform focuses on bringing the best opportunities to funders and founders. Providing an easy onboarding experience to help you find your match and secure funding faster.


Save time and increase efficiency with our proprietary algorithms which selectively match your fund with the best opportunities for introductions to LP’s and founders


We source the web consistently to update our database of diverse funders and founders to provide you with the best opportunities.


Find your Ideal Founder Faster ? streamlines the search for the perfect funding opportunity. Our AI-powered algorithms match your specific criteria to the most promising founders saving you time and increasing your chances of success.

Get Funding Faster

Startup CEO’s spend 60% or more time seeking funding instead of running their companies. At, we connect you with the right people and firms from the start, so you can focus on what matters next -building your business.

We are driven by values

As founders and Investors, we want you to connect to more than just funds.

Smart money and great scaling come from making ideal connections,…..that’s’s mission.

Let’s work together and find your next opportunity

If you’re a Funder or Founder….. let assist you in making the best introductions to those who understand and can bring both parties the value needed to succeed.