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Dreaming of a tool to supercharge your search for promising founders, streamline interviews, and choose the ideal clients ?

Ready to supercharge their fundraising journey? Join us and let the power of AI connect your clients with the perfect investors.

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Dreaming of a tool to supercharge your search for promising founders or streamline interviews for your program ? is your answer !

Here’s how we elevate your accelerator:

Custom matchmaking with ideal candidates.

Exclusive access to our growing network of funders.

Tailor-made funding opportunities for your movers and shakers.

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with over 40,000+ funding opportunities

with over 40,000+ funding opportunities


High accuracy, efficiency, and  cost effectivness

High accuracy, efficient, and cost effective

Highly Accurate

Using our’s platform you’re provided exclusively, with high fidelity matches for your program……to your specifications

By using a comprehensive intake approach to knowing all the founders offerings we reduce mismatches dramatically.

Our data set is extensive coupled with our proprietary algorithms…. you’ll only receive quality introductions.

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Stop the back-and-forth conversations and e-mails. All of the founders’ information is immediately available. This gives your organization the ability to know, are your services ideal for the candidate and where can you add value to their needs.

Consider sitting down to high priority curated matches, not just everyone and anyone. How much time, money and effort would you save ?

Everyone is on track for a successful introduction, from the start.  Fully aware of the opportunities both parties are offering.

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Cost Effective

We reduce the time and extra staff to read, interpret and sort e-mails by only serving you the ideal candidates for your services.

Had enough meetings ? How about a reduction of 1-3 meeting with founders before making a decision ? All while getting all the detail for you to understand your client.

Ready to do more with less staff hours and be more efficient  ?




Why ? is a global platform that uses your specific criteria to match you and your accelerator to your ideal client/s. Our international platform onboards founders, many of whom need a wide range of services and products. The platform gives highly curated matches based on extensive in-depth onboarding criteria giving you high-fidelity selective introductions to founders and being able to know that they are ideal candidates for your services.

You’ll be able to determine their exact needs, be that GTM strategy, financials, and much more. Assignment to specific EIR’s or other members of your team becomes obvious.

At we offer your organization the opportunity to reduce time, cost and efforts to be introduced to ideal clients.

How do we know our introductions will work, we ask all founders what referral would meet their needs and then match them appropriately.

This allows for better efficiency, less time and cost to all parties for successful interactions .

The has an extensive and expanding database includes all industries, stages of business development from ideation to IPO ready as well as location and much more.

During the on-boarding we selectively ask if the founders have an interest in being introduced to an accelerator program. We follow up with providing them your accelerator information and an easy way to contact your organization directly.’s platform is agnostic meaning that all founders are welcome.’s matching algorithms use data intelligently to assist vendors in finding ideal clients. The use of machine learning and natural language processing allows for high-fidelity matches with founders and funders who meet your criteria, and have the potential and desire for your services or products.’s algorithm has been designed to reduce the challenges and noise in the discordant interface between funders, founders and vendors, resulting in better efficiency, less time, and cost for all stakeholders.

ZIP, nada, not a cent. You’re deep in the weeds of trying to raise capital. We, at have been there.

We are available Monday-Friday 9-5 pm (PST). You can contact us via email at by phone at: 541.903.5090.

Let’s share your passion and start connecting your cohorts to funding sources while amplifying their education.

Let’s share your passion and start connecting your cohorts to funding sources while amplifying their education.