How the matching process works…

Matchmaking made smarter: We harness the onboarding data and with AI find the most aligned opportunities.

Confident connections: Our proprietary algorithms analyze data deeply, ensuring high-potential matches with a strong likelihood of success.

Introductions: When we identify a promising aligned referral, we present your information to the founder and/or funders’ dashboards, showcasing your key data and connection information. The referrals are all double opt-in by the clients. You’ll be notified via an email and in your dashboard.

  • Move quickly on promising matches.
  • Fast-track decisions with pre-vetted connections.
  • Speed up your journey with efficient matchmaking.
  • Cut through the noise and find your ideal partner right away.
  • No time wasted, only connections that click.

An example of our Vendor Matching dashboard

Vendor Matching infographic