How the matching process works…

Matchmaking made smarter: We harness the onboarding data and with AI find the most aligned opportunities.

Confident connections: Our proprietary algorithms analyze data deeply, ensuring high-potential matches with a strong likelihood of success.

Anonymous introductions: When we identify a promising connection, we anonymously introduce both parties through their dashboards, showcasing key data to pique their interest. You’ll also be notified via email.

An example of our Funder and Founder Matching dashboard

Matching dashboard

When both parties agree to the introduction we forward the complete data set of information and arrange for a meeting, either virtually or physically.

  • Move quickly on promising matches.
  • Fast-track decisions with pre-vetted connections.
  • Speed up your journey with efficient matchmaking.
  • Cut through the noise and find your ideal partner right away.
  • No time wasted, only connections that click.